Cash Buyers For Real Estate- Sellers Beware! Hopefully you have never had to go through this and this serves as a warning but If your thinking of selling your house and want to get a cash offer on it beware! There are alot of these so called real estate investors out there that claim they are a cash buyer and can perform. However, most of these guys and companies are simply wanting to tie up your real estate and flip it to someone (like myself) who can really afford to buy and remodel the property.  Your first clue is that they will try to put down only a little bit of earnest money (lets say $1.00 – $1,000.00). The reason for this is they have to use some sort of monetary value in order for the contract to be legal. My tip to you is this, if they are a real cash buyer and intend on actually buying your real estate make them put down at least 5% of the purchase price as earnest money and make it non refundable (with the exception of inspections) meaning they do not get it back. A real cash buyer will not have any issues with doing this. Those that have issues are likely not real cash buyers and are looking to steal your property and flip it to make a fast dollar. When you contact PDX Renovations and we give you a real cash offer you can be assured that we:

  1. Do in fact have the funds needed to close the transaction.
  2. PDX Renovations will actually be the company that will be renovating the property, and because of this we are able to give people selling a top price every time
  3. PDX Renovations can put large down payments down which gets the sellers some immediate cash even before we buy the property from them
  4. PDX Renovations guarantee that we will close the deal with impeccable reputation

Feel free to contact us for a no obligation,hassle free cash offer for any real estate you have- we make selling your house for cash quick, simple and headache free. Contact us today by phone: 503-560-6620 or by our seller questionnaire form.