Are you an Exceptional Sales Manager with a proven track record ? If so please read on further..

Our growing company is seeking to hire a Sales Manager who will be responsible for supervising, organizing, and Managing our sales team. You will be in charge of managing organizational sales by meeting planned goals and coordinating with our marketing department on lead generation. You will also be tasked with overseeing the activities and performance of your sales team by tracking Revenue, sales goals, setting individual sales targets, KPI’s, and facilitate the ongoing training of your salespeople.

To succeed in this role, you will need excellent communication skills, the ability to positively lead and grow a sales team,  a proven track record of increasing performance of a sales floor, the ability to work independently, a Competitive mindset, high drive to get things done,  extreme assertiveness and self-confidence.  Previous experience leading a sales team is a must and is required and you will be asked for proof.


  • $70,000.00-$125,000 yearly salary
  • + Commission based on growth (this position has the ability to earn up to $300K a year)

Employment Type: Full-Time in person 40-50 hours a week (with ability to do some remote work from home)


  • Managing organizational sales by developing a business plan that covers sales, revenue, and expense controls.
  • Meeting planned sales goals.
  • Setting individual sales targets with the sales team.
  • Tracking sales goals and reporting results as necessary.
  • Overseeing the activities and performance of the sales team.
  • Coordinating with marketing on lead generation.
  • The ongoing training and accountability of your salespeople.
  • Developing your sales team through motivation, counseling, and product knowledge education.
  • Promoting the organization and products.
  • Understand our ideal customers and how they relate to our products


  • Experience in the Sandler Sales (or similar) Training Model is a must
  • Experience in planning and implementing sales strategies
  • Experience in customer relationship management
  • Experience managing and directing a sales team
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Dedication to providing great customer service
  • Proven track record of leading a sales team and its growth


The focus of this job is on achieving results which are aligned with the larger picture of the organization and its strategic goals. Initiative, coupled with a sense of competitive drive, and the ability to stay focused on results despite changing conditions, is the key to achieving the performance objectives of this job. Because environmental and organizational conditions change rapidly, the work involves innovation and creativity in generating ideas for quick response. Decision-making is focused on implementing practical, timely solutions. The job requires getting things done quickly and handling a variety of activities. Self-assurance, and the confidence to purposely drive toward results while constantly problem-solving and engaging the commitment of others is essential. A leadership style that is firm and goal oriented, and yet motivates, trains, and engages others in an enthusiastic way is important. The emphasis on building rapport and relationships with individuals and groups requires an outgoing, poised and persuasive communication style. Because the pace of the work is faster than average, the ability to learn quickly and thoroughly while continually recognizing and adapting to changing conditions is critical. The scope of the job may require effective delegation to proven people. Especially routine and repetitive details should be delegated but with responsibility for follow up and accountability for timely results. While the job requires the ability to act independently, a sense of urgency and the confidence to handle a variety of challenges, a full commitment to the success of the business and high standards of achievement are expected in this position. The emphasis is on results, and effective systems that achieve results through and with people, rather than on the details of implementation. The job environment is flexible, constantly changing and provides growth opportunity, recognition and reward for the achievement of business results.

Job Characteristics: 

  • Sense of urgency for goal achievement Varied activities Multiple, simultaneous projects Multi-tasking Fast-paced environment
  • Results focus Idea generation, innovative and creative problem solving Rapport and relationship building focused on achieving results Engage commitment of others
  • Problem solving orientation
  • Risk taking
  • Action-oriented and somewhat collaborative decision-making
  • Quick decision making in response to changing conditions
  • Extroverted, confident, enthusiastic, persuasive Influences, stimulates others to action Collaboration focused on results
  • Authoritative leadership based on generalist expertise, knowledge of systems
  • Directive leadership to assure business results are achieved
  • Delegation of details as necessary, with follow up on timeliness and quality
  • Accountability for results

Here’s a little background on us:

  • We believe in developing world-class salespeople, investors, and human beings
  • This division accounted for over $50M in sales over the last 12 months and well over 500 million since 2006
  • Our salespeople have the ability to sell some of the most competitive, non-commoditized products/properties in the entire industry that have tremendous commission potential. (Most companies can’t say this, don’t be fooled)
  • Big detailed data is what gives us an unfair competitive advantage in our markets
  • We promote Internally and have tremendous room for advancement in our growing business
  • We protect our culture at all costs. It’s been labeled as inspiring, challenging, competitive, yet extremely fun and drama free
  • Come learn from the best. We are recognized as a top investment company in the Portland Oregon metro Real Estate market and out principal has been doing business in the local area for over 25 years.
  • Technology, systems, and support are world-class and ever-changing
  • We are expanding to the rest of the Oregon and Washington market over the next 6-36 months (plenty of room for growth)


Who Will be Great At This Role:

  • Will be independent, assertive, self-confident
  • Will need independence, control of own activities
  • A Proven operator who has had previous success building and managing a sales team
  • Takes risks and learn from mistakes, manage multiple priorities, take initiative



  • Comfortable with risk, independent, individualistic, self-confident, firm, proactive, takes initiative, competitive, driven to get things done, positive response to pressure


If you have an interest in real estate, whether you are new or currently working in real estate, this could be a great opportunity for you.


The first part of the process with us is to complete the following quizzes (there is 2) . It is very quick and will put you ahead of the other applicants if you complete this upfront: 

Here’s the 3 steps on how to apply:

  • Step 1- Click and Take Quiz #1:   (Take Quiz Now)
  • Step 2- Click and Take Quiz #2  (this is emailed to you when quiz #1 is competed)
  • Step 3- After you have taken both quizzes-Submit your resume (Submit Resume)

If you are not extremely confident in your abilities, Please do not apply.

Only the strongest candidates will make it through our hiring process. These positions are for individuals looking to become world-class administrative people, team players, and human beings. This is a career, driven by a passion for the industry, not just a “job”.  Our people become family and will have the ability to earn really well and invest in their future with and alongside our company through real estate.

We eat, live, and breathe real estate and expect those who we bring on board with us to do the same.