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Giving Thanks!


Most people would agree that they are most thankful for these top three things. Good health, Family and a roof over their head. Being thankful for everything in your life is a great way to start each day. Just the fact that you get to wake up and start your day should indicate a good life.  But for many of us, this time of year means a bit of a struggle, so please reach out to those who need it. I’m sure you all have a large closet in your house filled with blankets, sheets, comforters that you have no use for.  And your clothes closet? Don’t tell me there’s not one pair of shoes or one jacket in there that you can live without so that someone in need doesn’t freeze today!

This time of year we all reflect on the status of our business as we come near the end and start to look forward to making a new start, when in reality, we should be reflecting all year on what we could do better and how we can be better people. That starts at home. It’s also a good way to clear out the clutter before the holidays come. And it doesn’t have to be something big. Charities are not looking for the average person to give a wad of their savings. We are talking about one article of clothing, or one blanket gathering dust in your closet.

There are plenty of organizations that cater to this sort of thing this time of year. Sleep country does their coats and pajamas drives. Les Schwab and KGW do the toy drive, but what about just dropping off some shampoo and toiletries to your local women’s shelter or boys and girls club.  Or handing a bottle of water to a homeless person at an intersection with a granola bar. Every little thing counts and if you are proactive in giving, you will have a head start on most of the population.

We as a society can be doing so much more, but we get wrapped up in our lives and business that we forget to be human beings and we forget to take care of one another.

Be thankful this year and give something back so that others can be thankful as well.


Happy Thanksgiving!