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Winter is a tough time for a lot of us: We get sick of the rain and dreary weather each and every day, but we yearn to find things to do. We’re less energetic, the days are shorter and many of us just don’t have enough time for extra projects around the house. Enjoying a quiet lazy day around the house once in awhile isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re going stir crazy there’s some well needed things to do around the house. Home projects for winter are possible and can help pass the time. Summer always seems like a better time to start home improvement projects, but here are few things that are great to do during the winter hours to keep your mind and body busy during these long, cold winter days.

Top improvement projects in winter to get you off the couch:


  • Interior painting: This is something you can do by yourself or something you can prepare for a hire out. Just do your homework, there are plenty of painters out there, but you need to find a good one with great reviews and a good work ethic who you can trust in your home. Cold weather is actually ideal for drying paint.


  • Install a backsplash in your kitchen or bath: A small project that can make a big difference in your space. It’s fairly inexpensive and pretty easy to do.


  • Change out your light bulbs: You know there’s at least two or three in your home that you’ve been neglecting, thinking you’ll get to it later. So why not now. Take a tour of your home and make a list of what you need for each fixture, stock up even and while you’re at it, change batteries in your smoke detectors!


  • Refurbish your doors: Either paint or refinish interior doors, redo door knobs, give them some pizzazz as well as brightening up your hallways.


  • Organize your mudroom: Turn your muddy, messy mudroom into an organized, clutter free area with some simple shelves, maybe a paint job or perhaps even a new floor. It’s the room you use a lot of in the winter, so why not spruce it up now.


Take the time to make a list of what you’d like to see done and improved as far as home projects, list it out in order and make a plan of action. It will help cure those winter blues and give your home added value.


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