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If you have ever sold a house using escrow or know someone who has, you must know how long it takes for the transaction to be completed.

Therefore, if you are looking to sell your house fast Portland Oregon, PDX Renovations is your only hope. Here are some of the reasons why you should contact us when you want to sell your house fast Portland Oregon.

a) We can buy your house in its current condition. You don’t need to spend more money doing repairs because we will do an assessment to determine the damage in place and give you a good value for your home as it is.

On the other hand, we can also purchase any type of home, whether it’s a condo, a duplex, a family home or a mobile home.

b) We can buy your home and give you cash within hours. Once you contact us looking to sell your home, we will dispatch someone to view it.

We will agree to a good value for your home and if you are good to go, you can get the cash within an hour.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter why you are selling your home and why you need the cash fast because we will help you achieve that effortlessly.

c) There are no middlemen or hidden fees associated with the sale. Remember, we are house buyers in Portland Oregon. Therefore, you will be working directly with us if you need to sell your home.

There are no title fees, closing costs or commissions associated with using the regular real estate process. Our process is very simple and you get the exact value of your home without any deductions.

d) You don’t have to worry about open houses where strangers get inside your home and look through everything.

Even better, you don’t have to take time off work to arrange for open houses. It’s just us and when you choose the right time to view your home, we can complete the transaction within a few hours.

e) Just like any other real estate transaction, there is some paperwork involved with this type of real estate transaction.

However, you don’t have to worry about the jargon and handling the paperwork because we will do everything with you.

We can explain everything that you don’t understand and can complete the transaction without forcing you to do a lot of work. Once you get your money, everything else falls on to us.

f) Also, we can pay the top dollar for your home to make sure you get as much money from it as possible. We are legitimate and have worked with at least 1500 clients since we have been in business.

We are exceptional house buyers in Portland and can buy your home from you within hours and make sure you are compensated accordingly.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter why you are selling your home and why you need to sell it fast.

Whether it’s an impending foreclosure, a cash emergency, a relocation or anything else, you need to contact us immediately and we can give you the best value for your home within a few hours.