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So you’ve decided to buy a home in Phoenix…


We can help. The phoenix housing market is booming, which is a good thing for sellers, but means higher prices for buyers. Don’t let this scare you. Granted, a boom in the housing market might signal another bubble that brought the market down several years ago, but it might also mean that if you buy now, you can flip it and see a profit rather quickly — assuming the market continues to grow, that is. Trust us, that’s a good thing. Here are some steps to take when looking to buy a home in Phoenix, AZ.


1. Get a real estate agent. You know that selling a home yourself can save you thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars as opposed to going through a real estate agent. What you may not know is that using an agent to buy a home usually doesn’t cost the buyer a penny. Almost all sellers will agree to pay for the realtor’s fees, and if you don’t have an agent of your own, the seller’s agent automatically becomes your agent by law, granting them double the commission. Do your research and find a trusted one. Also, make sure they come with you to ensure that their fee gets paid by the seller.


2. Get it all in writing. As with all big deals and transactions, you want to be covered. In the event that something goes wrong and legal recourse is required, having a record of all the transaction details and even written notes of verbal conversations will give you the advantage.


3. Consider your needs. Go into the buying process knowing exactly what you want. Consider how many rooms you want, how many bathrooms, the location… all of it. You don’t want to buy a two bedroom home if you plan on starting a family with three kids in the next few years. If you have a lot of possessions, keep your storage requirements in mind as well.


4. Shop around. Just like making any purchase, shopping around in the Phoenix housing market can save you money in the long run. Sure it takes a little effort, but it’s certainly worth it.


Once you’ve determined what you want, find yourself a good agent and get shopping! And remember to get everything in writing… Just in case.


What about buying a house in Phoenix is most attractive to you?


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