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Staging your home for sale is an optional step in the process. However, we at PDX Renovations believe that deciding to skip that step would be foolish. Selling your home is a huge decision and a substantial financial transaction. You have a lot at stake, so don’t be lazy and settle for a lower selling price or prolonged marketing period.


When weighed against the amount of time and effort it takes to successfully stage a home for sale, the benefits are too significant to ignore. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you stage your home for a quick sale.


1. Clean. This one should be obvious. It’s unsettling enough for many people to simply visit the home of someone who doesn’t maintain a cleanly atmosphere, let alone considering it for purchase. While it’s true that you very probably won’t be buying a house as is (trash, dirty dishes, and all), an unclean environment can affect the subconscious emotional response a buyer might have toward a home. Make sure the rooms are clean, the trash is taken out, and everything is organized, neat, and tidy.


2. Say goodbye to all that clutter. A cluttered home says two things to a potential buyer, and both of them are negative. First, it prevents them from getting a good look at your home’s features. Too many boxes or knick knacks keeps them from getting a good idea of how they can use that space. It also hints at the probability of a shortage of storage space. If you can’t fit everything in your home, maybe they won’t be able to either. Consider renting a storage unit to remove unnecessary items until you make the sale.


3. Depersonalize it. When a buyer enters a home that they are considering for purchase, they are envisioning themselves living in it. A blank piece of canvas has infinitely more potential than an already finished painting. Take down family photos, unusual knick knacks, refrigerator art, and put away the kids’ toys.


You also need to ensure that there is adequate lighting, no offensive odors, and touch up anything that looks shabby or poorly maintained. If you follow these tips, your home will be effectively staged and ready for a quick sale!


Have you ever rejected a home or heard of anyone who’d done so because it was simply too dirty or cluttered?


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