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Marketing your home is just as important as staging it and pricing it right.  Unfortunately, most home owners aren’t natural marketers. They may have a good sense of what they want in a home but usually lack a good idea of how to target their demographic and use their ad space to get prospective buyers’ attention.

The number one thing to remember in marketing is what your number goal is: interesting the right people in your home. You want to attract not just any buyers but those most likely to be interested in your home. For example, if you live in a four bedroom home in a quiet suburban neighborhood you’re going to want to market your home to families with young children. However, if you have a large home in an upscale neighborhood you’re going to want to target people in high-paying professions. Think about who is going to be most likely to buy your house and what they will want to know.

 To do that can sometimes be an art, but these tips will help you:

1)     Be honest.   Don’t try to make your home into something it isn’t. If it’s a fixer-upper be honest about that. You can still be positive about your home’s advantages but use words like “needs a little TLC” or “Handyman special” to let people know what to expect.

2)     Be informative and descriptive. Don’t just say “house for sale”.  Describe your home when listing it. Using phrases like “spacious ranch-style home for sale” or “pet friendly tri-level” will do a much better job of getting you qualified leads.

3)     Include contact info. This may seem common sense but a lot of people forget to include a phone number or email address for inquiries and to schedule showings. Don’t be one of those sellers!

4)     Include pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words—in real estate, it might be worth even more. Take some good pictures of the main living areas in your home and any special selling points and include them.

5)     Use active and descriptive language. Invite people to “come and see this immaculate bungalow, ideal for a first time homeowner!” That type of language will help the right people know if your house is what they are looking for and it will inspire them to do something about it.

Selling your home is a lot of work, but the writing effective sales ads can make it a lot easier.

What tips do you have for writing sales ads? Share them in the comments!

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