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As of May 2013, the housing market has reached the highest level in more than three years. But don’t let that fool you. It is still rebounding, and although it appears to be on its way to recovery, it’s still slow.


This post provides some tips to help you sell fast in a slow market. We like to think that choosing to use our services is the best advice you can receive, but the following tips aren’t so bad either:


1. Make the repairs.  For most, it’s no longer enough to simply mow the lawn and repaint the shutters. In this current market, buyers have certain expectations regarding the overall quality of their new home. Generally speaking, “fixer-uppers” are on the decline because fewer and fewer people are capable of making such repairs themselves, and hiring professional renovators can be expensive. But whether you do it yourself or hire someone, you’re going to want to make sure that your house is in top shape before you put it up for sale.


2. Price according to the market. Demand for real estate has softened recently. The housing market is on the mend, but sellers often face the harsh reality that their homes may no longer be worth what they originally paid. If you set a price above market value, you risk driving potential buyers away. Remember, you will always find a buyer if the price is right.


3. Be flexible. People’s schedules vary widely. It may be the case that no one is willing to take a look at your house during the hours you find most convenient to show it. Ensuring that it’s ready to be seen at all times gives you the flexibility to entertain potential buyers at a moment’s notice if need be. Make your bed in the morning, empty the trash often, and keep dishes clean and out of the sink. Also, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared to leave on weekends if you’re using a realtor so they can show it as often as possible.


There is certainly more useful advice out there, but if you follow these three tips, you’ll greatly increase your odds of selling your home fast! Remember to make the repairs, keep it clean, and be ready to show it as often as possible.


Consider the last time you were in the market to buy a new home. How important to you was it that the place was well-kept?


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