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sell my house ASAP Portland

When it’s time to sell, most property owners in Portland ask the same question: “How do I sell my house ASAP, Portland?

They do this hoping to find a solution that can facilitate a quick and stress-free sale. Unfortunately, the open market is not favorable for all property owners; this is especially true for distressed homeowners.

From realtors who take an eternity to sell your house and long closing times to factors like your house’s condition, it’s anyone’s guess when you will finally get your home off the market.

So, what options do Portland property owners have when asking, “How can I sell my house ASAP, Portland?”

Here are three secrets to selling your house fast, no matter how it looks or when you list it:

1. Price Your Property Right

Pricing your home right is common sense, right? How you price your house may break or make your sale. But many folks fall short in pricing their homes.

This isn’t an opportunity to pick a random figure. Think of it as gaining a competitive edge. You’ve got to look at other similar properties and consider the current local real estate market so that you pick a competitive price.

2. Channel Your Inner Perfectionist

Maybe you were wondering when you would ever get the chance to make use of your inner perfectionist.

Well, it’s time to rearrange furniture, improve curb appeal, and clear clutter from the house. Don’t want to clean or fix the house before you sell it?

No worries, you can still sell your Portland house quickly. Continue reading …

3. Pick A Suitable Selling Strategy – Sell To People Who Buy Homes For Cash!

While the other two secrets mentioned above will play a vital role in getting your property off the market quickly, nothing can help you sell your home fast like selling to a reputable cash house buyer.

Instead of calling a real estate agent, or putting up a for sale sign in your yard, get in touch with us. At PDX Renovations, we are confident in our ability to purchase houses throughout Portland for cash.

If you need to sell your property in Portland ASAP, or if you’re dealing with a situation that makes it challenging to sell your property the traditional way, we are the people to call.

Before you spend your hard-earned money to renovate and freshen up your home in an attempt to help you sell quickly, consider selling to PDX Renovations. With us, you can sell your home ASAP without busting your budget.

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