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So you just found out you inherited a home. Now what? You weren’t planning on owning another home, and what if the house is out of town…way out of town. Or even out of state. What do you do? Do you have ten thousand dollars or more laying around to do repairs and get in good shape to sell or rent? Probably not. Most inherited homes come out of the blue and many people don’t know about reputable “Cash buyers” like us who will buy homes, land and lots in any condition for cash. Simple as that. So don’t fret, just fill out our online form and one of our qualified consultants will come out and discuss your options.

Before making any decision though, check out and consider these options well. What will work best for you?

Listing with a realtor takes money and time. Most of which we don’t have a lot of. Money spent on repairs, new carpet, new roof etc can be a drain on anyone’s account, especially when they didn’t know such an inheritance was coming. Commissions will need to be paid as well and since you’re the one listing the home, you’ll be the one paying the commission. Time that you may not have will be wasted with inspections, addendums, listings, etc

Turning it into a rental, again, takes time and money and then the headaches of owning a rental and dealing with tenants. Tenants are no picnic unless you are one of the very few who finds a good one who stays there for years and keeps it clean and well maintained. We all wish for tenants like that, but more often than not, tenants don’t stay over a year and really don’t care how they leave your property.

Selling for cash; no out of pocket expenses, we clean up and even take away the garbage. It really is that easy, but make sure you do your homework. Check reviews, websites and the BBB before making a decision on who to call. For more information, visit the rest of our website and fill out our sell fast form: We will contact you immediately and set up an appointment to visit your inherited home.