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home evaluation Portland Oregon

Are you tired of the same old options when selling your Portland Oregon property? All it takes is one home evaluation Portland Oregon and we can close in two days.

Does a slight pain shoot through your heart when you think about all the people you have to let into your private space, only to hear they are not interested in making an offer?

Or maybe you dread the challenge of finding an agent you can truly trust? PDX Renovations has the solution you need.

Just to avoid any confusion about who we are and what we do, PDX Renovations is a type of property investment company.

And it is our mission to restore properties before selling them again. So, there shouldn’t be any doubts about our intentions or why we guarantee you such a quick offer.

Everything about the process of selling your home for cash to PDX Renovations is convenient, quick, and most importantly, legit.


Why Are You In A Rush To Get A
Home Evaluation Portland Oregon?


Every homeowner that wants to sell faces a different situation. Some of the most common scenarios include:

  •  You cannot afford the payments and you want to avoid foreclosure
  • You changed career paths and need to move
  •  You are going through a divorce
  • You are unable to live by yourself and require money to move to a support facility
  • You simply do not want the hassle of selling through conventional channels


Even if none of the above sounds familiar, it does not make your situation less urgent. So, why not speak to the people who know all about urgency when it comes to buying properties for cash? We are waiting for you to make contact with one of our friendly consultants today.


Motivation To Sell Your House For Cash

In addition to closing within a matter of days, there are several other reasons why we are the right company to talk to.

For example, you get to choose the closing date, whether it is within the next week or two years. You also do not have to worry about any closing costs, seeing as we take care of everything, including the paperwork.

The best part is that we buy your property as-is. This means you do not have to spend money or time fixing up the property because we are still going to make an offer.


With more than 10-years of experience buying Portland Oregon homes for cash, PDX Renovations will not disappoint you with our fast and fair market value offer.

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