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Are you running into tenant troubles while renting your house? When tenants don’t pay, it can put a financial strain on you, the landlord. Even more straining is the possibility of having to fix up the space before you can sell it.

Well, you don’t have to rely on your renters to help you make ends meet anymore and you don’t even have to worry about having a multitude of “honey do” projects! Why not? Well, have you considered selling your house as is?

Selling your house as is can be a quick process with long lasting benefits. I’ll give you a few tips on how to sell the home as is.


  1. Do your research. Check out the rest of the houses in the neighborhood and research their value. Realize that you’re selling your home as is and price it fairly. Keep in mind that when you’re selling you want to post a competitive price. Most sellers will have someone come to the property and estimate it’s value so be careful when pricing above what it’s actually worth – don’t be greedy. For example, don’t price it at a higher value than the brand new home around the block.


  1. Stage the space. In real estate we use a term called “staging” which basically means setting the stage for buyers to fall in love with the home. Now, I understand you don’t want to put another dime into the space, so I won’t ask you to do that. However, you can really improve the ambiance by adding that nice rug you have stored in your garage or the beautiful lamp you have sitting on the side table in your living space. Adding a few personal touches will really warm up the space and may get you a few extra bucks in the end. But, in the end, if you just want the property off of your hands…


  1. Contact PDX Renovations! If you haven’t heard, we’d like to check out your house! Fill out our “Sell Fast Form” and you may have a buyer on your hands. If we like what we see you can expect a cash offer within an hour. See? No hassle and the long-term benefit of not having to worry about the space for another minute.


Now you know the benefits of selling your home as is, and we’ve even given you a few tips! You’ll never have to stress over that property again.


Have you successfully sold a home as is in the past? What techniques have you found helpful in the process?


Do you have a piece of property (house, lot, or land) you’d like to sell fast?  Fill out our Sell Fast Form and get a cash offer within one hour of us viewing the property.