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Location always comes into the conversation when you speak to anyone about real estate. It’s somewhat a punch-line when speaking to realtors, but it’s a valid point. Location ~ Isn’t that why you chose the house you eventually bought? Whether it’s for the right school district, distance from your job, next to a park, away from the city lights, location of shopping, etc. Every one of us has our own opinion on the “Best location” for a house to call home.

When considering buying and, then again, someday selling, it’s a good idea to know your Portland local metro areas. There are plenty of avenues to go about this. Sites online tell you how much crime there is, traffic problems, and even things like “windy” areas or areas with dead-zone cell coverage. Or the all-important, best internet connection locations. It’s best to do your homework and research every aspect of your new location, or down the road, when it’s time to cash out all the equity you have been saving in its walls, you won’t be surprised or disappointed.

Have you ever thought about the difference between having the “Best house” in the neighborhood versus the “Worst house”? If you think about it, having the smallest, least expensive house in a nicer neighborhood might do you and your equity a favor. It raises your property value because the houses around you are worth more. You are among better homes, so that alone bumps you up. On the latter side, you don’t want to build your dream house amongst neighbors who could care less about their homes and don’t care about the neighborhood in general. Homeownership should be something you are eternally proud of.  It’s best to get some good comparables when finding that perfect home. Getting a good deal on the house in Portland takes time, energy, and a lot of research. You might get a good deal, and pay under market prices, but in ten years, find out it didn’t do you any favors by buying in the wrong area of town.

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