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Let’s be honest here: not all realtors are created equal. Some of them are savvy, smart, and know exactly how to massage a deal into its sweet spot. And then others, well, they don’t.  If you need to sell your house fast the fact is you need a great realtor.  You can’t wait around for someone who isn’t going to do the job right from the get-go.

How can you tell a great realtor from a lemon? Look for these three things:

1)    People skills. Buying and selling real estate is all about connections and the best way to make connections is to have good people skills. Look for a realtor that makes you comfortable and you’ll find that they can help you sell your house fast.

2)    Good listener. This is probably the most important people skill out there so it deserves its own bullet point. A great realtor is one that listens to everything you say. They don’t send you listings thoughtlessly or brush off your concerns. They really hear you and act accordingly.

3)    Proven track record. Do some Googling and find out what kind of realtor that person really is. If they are a good one they will have a great website, some recent sales, and some referrals readily available. 

If you have to sell a house fast, you need a realtor to make it happen. Make sure you have the right one!

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