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Are you a resident of Portland that needs to sell your house fast? We at PDX Renovations understand the urgency involved in selling a house for cash, fast. – Sell House Online Quote Portland

We can buy your house for cash and have you choose the day you want to close. We know the real estate market, so we can give our clients an offer that is reasonable and fair.

We also understand that there are concerns about getting out because of the ongoing pandemic. That is why you can sell your house to us after receiving a quote online.

You do not have to meet the team or do face-to-face interactions if you prefer not to. Sell house online quote Portland by selling your home to us without having to go through a frustrating process.

Why Choose Us

No Commissions Charged

We at PDX Renovations understand that it can be hard to get the quote that you want for your house because you think about the deductions that will be done.

Selling your house to us will not come with the stress of commissions for agents or anything similar. You get the amount that we offer you in full and in cash.

We Buy The House As Is

This term means that we will not ask you to fix up the place before selling it to us. We buy the property in the exact condition that it is in when we send our team for a walkthrough.

Fixing a house that you want to sell could be a headache, especially when you do not have the funds to do the renovations.

This is something you never have to worry about if you decide to sell the property to us.

We Have A Solid Reputation

We are aware that some homeowners may feel uneasy about selling their property for cash. This is completely understandable as an asset is something very important.

We have worked with many homeowners as well as commercial property owners to purchase their properties for cash.

We have numerous testimonials from sellers that can attest to our level of professionalism.

We communicate with you through the entire process and explain any details that you may find complicated.

Reach out today and get an online quote for your property once you give us the details of the house.

We always let the client decide the closing date so that they can get everything in order before closing.

Sell house online quote Portland to PDX Renovations today.