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Thinking ahead to the new year?

It’s that time of year again to make a list and check it twice and then when Christmas is over, start your new year’s resolutions. It’s a great time to look back on the year, ponder our decisions, forgive ourselves for our mistakes and think about what we’d do differently in 2015.

Most people’s first thought is to get rid of bad habits. Quit smoking, give ourselves a break from alcohol, junk food, Starbucks daily, carbs…whatever your vice is. Or the number one resolution, get in shape! Gym memberships soar in January due to New year’s resolutions. Every year millions of people decide it’s time to lose weight, get in a good workout routine, and start feeling great. 80% of those same people will cancel their memberships by March.

So how about this year concentrating on getting out of debt. Paying off credit cards, car loans, and consolidating other debts. Again, it’s a new year’s resolution that millions of people make each January, yet many never follow through on.

Here are some tips to stick to your new year’s resolutions and get yourself out of debt for good, because who wouldn’t want a new start to the new year?

  • Think small. Baby steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so make your goals attainable and you are much more likely to stay on track. Don’t say you are going to lose 50lbs in three months. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time. Or start really positively and retune your thoughts…how about just starting to work out. Doctors recommend 20minutes of good cardio just 4 times a week, so start small and you will see better results without the usual burnout.
  • Credit cards. Get your Credit in shape! Check your credit score online. There are plenty of sites now that will give you your score without a fee. Knowing your credit rating is important and this coming year, make it a goal to see that number rise. By making small changes in your spending habits, you can make a big difference. Pick which ones you want to pay off, make a good budget and stick to it. Cut up the ones you wish to pay off, cancel them even to avoid the yearly service charge and then you won’t be tempted to use them while paying them off.
  • If your goal is to quit smoking or drinking or using tobacco. Don’t go cold turkey on January first. Give yourself a chance to succeed. Make a goal of cutting back. Smoking one less cigarette a day can be hugely beneficial to your health. Or contact your doctor or pharmacist.  Check out the options. It’s hard to give up a bad habit and if you set yourself up for failure, you’ll just end up backsliding and guilt will build and you’ll be back in old habits before St. Patty’s day!
  • Finally, let’s talk downsizing! A new year can mean a new fresh start. Clean out the garage and all those closets. Get rid of the old and donate to the needy. I’m sure we all have that “closet” that stores things we haven’t used in years and now, (after the holidays with all those new gifts), is the perfect time to clean it out and donate. And if you do it before Jan. 1st, you can write off your donations on your taxes. An old adage to go by is if you haven’t used it in a year, then it’s time for it to go.


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