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Welcome to 2015. It’s a new year with a new clean slate so why not start it off right. Do you ever get overwhelmed w/ household chores. We’re not talking vacuuming, dusting and mopping, but the other chores, the ones you put on your list for later or think…”I’ll get to it next month.”

This year, why not start off making a manageable list that can be done each month, or each quarter, helping you to keep up on maintenance, and not be overwhelmed financially.

Some good tips for helping you achieve this:

1.  Start off with a list of things you know you need to do and then do some online research for the rest. Then branch off that list into seasons and then finish off by grouping them by expense. For instance, cleaning out your gutters is something you probably do twice a year and the expense is pretty hefty, so do that once in spring and once in fall after the leaves fall.

2.  Make a list of things like cleaning out cupboards and closets and getting ready to do a run to the Goodwill or Salvation Army…and remember to get your receipts for your tax deductions. These simple things can keep your house running smoothly, while keeping your new 2015 budget in line.

Here’s a list of things that typically need to be done monthly:

  1. Clean the Kitchen sink disposal
  2. Clean range hood filters
  3. Inspect and possibly change out HVAC filters
  4. Inspect your fire distinguishers.

Now, let’s look back at this list and think…really? How often do people really get around to doing any of these every month? At this point, put each of these down for one a month, starting in January, at least then you know they will get done in the next few months.

Second are the ones that should be done quarterly:

  1. Test smoke detectors and change out batteries
  2. Test garage door auto reverse feature
  3. Check water softener, add salt if needed
  4. Run water and flush toilets in unused places, this usually means guest rooms, garages, shops, etc.

Lastly, let’s look at seasonal chores. Already looking forward to spring? Well here are some things you can do now before spring starts to get a jump on your chore list. Pick a chore each month or even two a month and get started now.

  1. Repair or replace damaged screens
  2.  Consider having you’re A/C serviced now instead of waiting for the spring when everyone else wants to schedule appointments as well.
  3. Clean out the garage
  4. Dust the top cupboards
  5. Clean out closets/get rid of torn or stained towels and sheets.
  6. Have your chimney swept

Perhaps home maintenance gets too expense for you or too overwhelming. Maybe you just aren’t as young as you used to be and getting on a ladder just isn’t realistic…Now, imagine that you own rentals or help out with your elderly parents house as well, and you have to do this to multiple houses. You don’t have to be overwhelmed w/ household chores. Maybe now would be a good time to think about selling for cash. You can get in touch with us online or by phone and get a cash offer within an hour of our appointment to view it.