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As you sit down and ask, “what can I do to sell my house Portland style?” the only solution that matters is PDX Renovations.

We have been buying houses in the area for years and understand what it takes to complete a deal both parties love.

If that is something you are after then it’s time to speak to one of our representatives and begin working towards a win-win transaction!

Let’s take a look at why we are able to make things work better than anyone else in town.

Seller-Friendly Contracts

We are a leading name in Portland for a number of reasons, and one of them has to do with our seller-friendly contracts.

No one likes being tricked into a bad deal or having to read through meticulous fine print without knowing what it has to say.

Instead of frustratingly dealing with these contracts, why not go with a team that is built to favor your needs as a seller?

This is where our team at PDX Renovations stands out and makes a name for itself.

We are always committed to offering seller-friendly contracts as soon as it is time to move forward with the transaction.

After both parties agree to a deal, our seller-friendly contract will set things into motion in a timely fashion.

Amazing Deals

As you sit down and ask, “how can I sell my house Portland style?” it is always going to come back to PDX Renovations and its amazing offers.

We are proud to offer great deals that are in sync with market trends and will ensure you have a smile on your face as a seller. A house has to be priced properly and this includes the offer made by the buyer.

In our case, we continue to monitor market rates and always go above what a seller expects!

No-Obligation Offers

Don’t like the idea of having to respond within seconds after an offer is made? Don’t want to deal with the hassles of a pesky real estate agent that is continually calling to see whether you accept or not?

This is one of the worst feelings in the world and can make a big decision turn into a horrible one.

With PDX Renovations, we make sure the offer is a no-obligation deal, and our team never forces sellers along the way.

Prompt Closings

Closings are an integral part of the sales process, and we make sure to offer a clear-cut timeline for sellers to work with.

If the goal is to have the property ready for closing by next week, we can make it happen without breaking a sweat. This is what makes us special!

To get started with selling your property, it’s best to call (503) 560-6620 and have one of the representatives begin the initial assessment process.

This will include analyzing the property’s layout, market rates, and what is required to make a fair offer. Once these details are established, an immediate offer will be put in front of you!