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Housebuyers Portland

Have you just inherited a home that you do not need or
want to have to deal with for too long?

Although you appreciate the thought of someone you love leaving their home to you in the aftermath of their death, you might not need the home because you have already invested in your own property. – Housebuyers Portland

If you have no intentions of turning this inherited home into an investment property or handing it down to anyone else in the family, the easiest way to take care of it is to sell it to the best housebuyers Portland has available.

At PDX Renovations, we are serious about purchasing homes in any condition from our clients, including any inherited homes that might not have been renovated over the past several decades.

The Reasons Why Selling to Us
is the Best Decision to Make

There are a few fantastic reasons you should make the decision to sell your home to us instead of going with the usual route of hiring a real estate agent to sell the home for you.

When you allow us to buy the home, you do not even need to go on the hunt to find an affordable real estate agent.

Because you already have your own home, you may not have the time, energy, or passion to put any effort into the inherited home, especially if it needs to have a lot of work done to it to improve the way that it looks.

We understand that you probably never expected to have this extra home on your hands in the first place, and we would like to buy it from you as quickly as we can to save you from any additional stress.

As the best housebuyers Portland has in the area, you can trust us to work on sealing the deal rather quickly. We will not keep you waiting and will make sure you get paid as quickly as possible.

Instead of dealing with costly repairs and other problematic issues that can come along with owning a home that you had no intentions of owning in the first place, you can avoid all the work and stress that would go into the renovation process by simply letting us buy the home directly from you without the real estate agent acting as the middleman.

How to Sell Your Inherited Home to Us in No Time

When you are truly serious about selling your inherited property, simply fill out our online form or give us a call to discuss some important information about the property, including the location and current condition it is in.

We can arrange the perfect date and time to see the place, complete a full inspection, and make an offer that is worth your while.

Do not worry if the home does not look that good. Even if it is old, damaged, and worn down, we will still make a reasonable offer.

If you accept the offer we make, you can have your cash in hand in no time.

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