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Selling Your Home

If you’ve sold a house (or houses) before, but always through a realtor, you may find the idea of not working with a realtor to be a bit scary and intimidating. Selling Your Home.

The realtor coached you on preparing the house, handled the marketing, babysat the buyers through showing the house, and dealt with offers and counter-offers.

The realtor handled listing the house on MLS and elsewhere and dealt with other realtors. You may be thinking “Heavens, I can’t do all that!”.


There is an easy way to sell without a realtor, one that requires little, if any, expertise, virtually no marketing, and no investment in preparing the house to sell. Working through a realtor involves far more work, time, and money from you than the other alternative I will propose.


Realtors are selling to home-buyers who are looking for move-in-ready houses.  That why working with a realtor to sell your home is just that – work!

  • Deciding what condition shortfalls you are going to address before the sale.
  • Getting the work done – and paying for it.
  • Clearing out your clutter and over-supply of furniture.
  • Deciding what upgrades to do for marketing – replace carpet? paint? more?
  • Staging the house – flowers – color schemes – appealing furniture arrangement.
  • Keeping everything perfect for showing, every day – not just cleaning, but orderly closets and cupboards as well. And, corralling the pets!
  • Evacuating the house – leaving it neat and tidy behind you – whenever the realtor has a showing. Interruptions in your evenings and weekends when you are relaxing from work.
  • Fielding offers – making counter-offers – handling negotiations and decisions.


In addition, working with a realtor is an open-ended time commitment – one that often has heavy expenses attached until the final closing.

  • Waiting in suspense for an unknown amount of time before the perfect buyer with the perfect offer happens through your door.
  • Waiting on buyer financing.
  • Keeping up with the mortgage payments and other expenses while you wait.
  • Giving up part of the sales price to realtor commissions and closing costs that can total 8% to 14%.


There is another way! Choose to work without a realtor and without expensive, time-consuming preparation and marketing.


Cash buyers such as PDX Renovations take on houses as-is, without you doing preparation, staging, or marketing. Because they are professional fixers and sellers, they don’t need all the preparation above to attract a traditional home-buyer who just wants to move in and go on with their life. There are no realtor’s commissions, no waiting on buyer financing.


PDX Renovations will come to see your property and make our own assessment of the work needed. Often you’ll have an offer within 24 hours or just a few days. You won’t have laid out any of your own cash or time – once you accept the offer, you’ll close within the next few days. You walk away with the cash, and the cash buyer takes on the house in the condition it is today.



Question or Prompt for Response – open-ended, relevant

Have you sold through a realtor?  If you could do it over, would you consider a cash offer instead?


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