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We all have dreams. Dreams of freedom from debt, our jobs, even the kids flying from the nest. What if you got to reach your dreams quicker. By selling your troublesome “rental property” you can benefit highly and get some freedom a little sooner. Selling rentals? We can help.

Renters can be bothersome. Money can be tight when holding onto another home that is dragging you and your wallet into a pit of debt. Sometimes the stress seems insurmountable, but selling your rental home might just be your ticket out.

No more renters calling or emailing about problems with the home.

No more worrying that your renters might move out and leave you with one month or two or even more months of no rental income.

Freedom to do more with the proceeds of your sale. Perhaps you have wanted to take that big trip abroad or redecorate the kitchen in the house you currently live in. Having an unexpected windfall would be nice for such occasions. Selling rentals can be easier than you think.

Before deciding on such an endeavor, reach out to your tax advisor and local realtor. They can be a wealth of knowledge in helping you get what you want and need from the sale. But for instance, you need a new roof, or the kitchen needs updating from it’s 1980’s retro look, or perhaps it’s time to change out the carpets. For most of us, we don’t have that kind of cash lying around. That’s where we can help. Fill out our sell fast form and see what we can do for you, with no repairs or out-of-pocket costs. No worries. Just a fast “All cash offer” within an hour of us viewing the property. Again, selling rentals can be easier than you think.