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Spring is in the Air!


It’s time again for spring cleaning so let’s talk clean air!


Most of us don’t even think twice about our furnace, chimney, air ducts, carpets, etc. But for the millions of people who have allergies, asthma or other chronic breathing conditions, taking good care of the air around you is very important, not only for your family, but for visiting friends and relatives.


Getting your furnace updated, ducts cleaned and chimney swept will also help keep your house cleaner and more appealing to buyers (if you are intending on selling, of course) Knowing the house has been well maintained is a big deal to a lot of potential buyers and they will be happy to see proof and documentation of just that.


Leading HVAC specialists recommend these maintenance steps for better efficiency and cleanliness:

Change your filter at least once a year, twice is better.

Have your ducts cleaned and inspected once a year.


** Educate yourself about duct cleaning by contacting some providers and asking them for information.


Did you know that the government gives breaks for energy efficiency? This actually isn’t breaking news, it’s been going on for a decade, but it’s worth your while to do your homework and find out what kind of tax breaks you can get for various updates in your home. Maybe take some of the tax return money you received this year and put it into something that will give you a break next year.


Carpeting? Do you think it’s time to upgrade to hardwood floors? Everyone is doing it. Hardwoods are cleaner and much more sanitary than carpet. For allergy prone individuals, hardwoods are the way to go. Today there are many options in any price range.


Got pets? Do you know fleas hibernate? Even in the winter, they are there, even though you may not see them. Spring is a good time to bomb the house and the yard for a fresh start to the warm weather season. Also, maybe it’s time to get the couches cleaned and dander free!


Cleaning out the chimney. Do this every spring to prevent house fires and creosote build up in your chimney. Most companies charge a fairly minimal fee so save yourself the hassle and call a professional.