Successful Cash House buying


PDX Renovations has been buying houses, lots and land in the Portland metro area for over 18 years. With this kind of experience and staying power, it’s no wonder most people come to us first. Not only can we help with questions, we can lead you in the right direction that is best for you. Not every house we come across is a good fit for us to buy, but we are committed to being the best. Our reviews are stellar, and our success comes not just from homes we buy, but the people we help along the way. We have a great team of professionals that can help you find a good realtor, make contracting and home improvement decisions or just give you the “real” truth about how much you could sell your house for. We don’t just BUY houses for Cash, we consult with our clients and find out what’s best for them and our reviews and repeat business reflect that.

Whether you are tired of dealing with the headaches of renters, or you’re just not in a situation to put money into your home to try to sell it on the market, we can be there for you. A few of clients are elderly who just need to get out from the high maintenance of the house they are living in for health reasons, financial or just because they want to live with a little less stress. There are hundreds of reasons people contact us every day, so even if you aren’t ready to sell today, give us a call and see what we can do for you.