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When choosing to sell a house FSBO (for sale by owner) it’s important to consider the 4-step principles to writing great ads.


In this post we’ll teach you four easy steps to get you on your way to writing awesome real estate ads so you can more effectively sell a house.


  1. Know your audience and grab their attention. Make sure you’re reaching out to potential buyers or renters in your area and that you are appealing to their financial status. Buyers will see dozens of ads along with yours. Make sure your ad is appealing and includes pertinent information like asking price, number of rooms and number of bathrooms.
  2. Highlight the best part of your house. As yourself, “Why would a buyer want to look twice at my house? What makes it special?” The answer should be included in your ad.
  3. Include contact information! Make sure that buyers can easily see how to get in touch with you. Few things are more frustrating than not being able to contact the seller.
  4. Provide pictures. When it comes to buying a home, people want to know what they are looking at. Without pictures, most of the people that will bother to come see your house will live nearby. Without pictures you aren’t appealing to the larger audience of potential out-of-state buyers.


Once you’ve decided to sell a house FSBO, keep these tips in mind when creating your ad.


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