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Are you thinking of selling your house? They say it is a seller’s market now, so maybe selling isn’t such a bad idea. But is your home ready for the market?


Even in a strong seller’s market, if your house isn’t ready to sell, you may have difficulty selling it. Below are six dirty secrets of selling a home to help you get the right price and move it fast.


  • “The Price is Right.” Not coincidentally, this heading borrows from the popular television game show, “The Price Is Right.” Why? Because for too many home sellers, pricing a house is a guessing game. Over-price a home, and it will languish unsold on the market. Under-price a home, and you leave money on the table. To correctly price a home for sale, check all the available comparables in your area. If you choose to work with a realtor, select one that knows your area well.


  • Dirt Doesn’t Sell. Dirt is a major turn-off to prospective buyers. Go beyond the tidying up cleaning job and clean windows, screens, floor moldings, ceiling fans, clothing dryers. Buyers who see dirt will question how well the sellers maintained the home. Make sure the house is spic and span.


  • Market Ready. More than ever before, buyers are looking for a home in move-in condition. They don’t have the time, money, or desire to work on a fixer-upper. Don’t expect a quick sell if the home requires repairs, upgrades, or renovations. Look at the features included in comparable homes that have recently sold.


  • Less is More. Get rid of the clutter! Box up the knick-knacks and put them in storage. The same goes for that extra chair you’ve crammed into the den; lose it. Clear the closets, so they are half-full of clothing at the most. All the clutter makes the home look small and cramped. Clear it out and open it up.


  • What You Like Might Not Sell. The adage, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” is true when selling a house. You may be in love with that designer paint on the living room walls, but not everyone shares your tastes. For best results, keep colors neutral throughout the house.


  • “As-Is” Houses Sell for Cash. If funds and time are limited, the good news is that you can sell a house “as is” for cash and sell it fast. Real estate investors will buy your house “as is,” pay you cash, and quickly complete the transaction. The recent market has seen a growing number of house cash sales. You can sell a Portland or Phoenix house fast, for example, because of the demand for housing.


If you are selling a house, keep these essential items on your to-do list before listing to ensure the right price, condition, and a timely sale. If you are short of time or money, consider selling a house in “as is” condition for cash.


What do you do to prepare a house for sale?

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