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There’s a lot of information out there about what kind of updates and remodels will bring you the most bang for your renovation buck, but what about if you are in a hurry? If you are looking to sell a home quickly, a new bathroom or kitchen might not be your best bet. If you are in a hurry, what you need to do is find quality upgrades that can be done quickly.

1)    Plant flowers and put up a welcome sign. These are the basics of curb appeal.  Some projects to improve your curb appeal are complicated, but consider skipping them and planting some beautiful annuals and putting a nice welcome sign on your door.

2)    Repaint to trendy neutrals. You may love your aqua blue and teal front room but if you are looking to sell your home quickly, it’s got to go. Repaint to neutrals that will allow lots of different types of buyers to picture their own furniture in your house. Greys are the most popular tones right now.

3)    Update your fixtures. This is another fairly simple and comparatively cheap option to help your home sell quickly. Very few things date a home faster than bright gold door knobs and light fixtures. Changing those out is easy and will make your home look years younger.

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