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It’s nearly June, kids are almost done with school and it’s time to get your summer on But your backyard looks like a jungle. What do you do? Where do you start? You didn’t get a head start on the madness until it was too late and now everything is abundantly growing and out of control. What you’d rather be doing is relaxing in the hammock drinking a cold beverage, but before that can happen, the weeds need to be gone and the lawn needs to be lush and green, right?

We suggest taking it one step at a time. If you stand back and look at the entire disaster, it will overwhelm you and make you fear the yard. Don’t fear and don’t fret. There are outrageously expensive companies that will come tame the jungle for you or you can take it on yourself. We suggest the latter.

A great way is to make a list, or even a sketch of the backyard and then look at it in sections. You can even rope off a portion of the overgrowth and tackle that for an hour or two each day or just pick one small area and say “This weekend, You’re doing down!” And just stick to that one part. It will keep you from being overwhelmed with the jungle out back and will give you a small project to work on in your spare time, rather than a huge headache.

Weed-shield is also very effective. Once you’ve worked hard and gotten rid of every last weed, think ahead and if you never want to do this again, put down a barrier and then cover with bark or gravel or even decorative rock. (If you do this, seek out gravel yards instead of paying a fortune for bags at a hardware or garden store)

If you know anything about the pacific Northwest, you know that Moss can also be a problem. Especially in those areas where the sun just don’t shine. There are a variety if very good moss fighters out there as well as other weed killers like Noxal and Casoron to take on areas where you don’t want anything growing ever again… so take a look around, do some measuring and get to Lowes or Home depot for your yard needs sooner than later so you can enjoy the sunshine in your newly manicured yard.