Compensation: $36,000 to $60,000 Annually  (Base salary Plus Commission

Employment Type: Full-Time

We are a fast-growing real estate investment firm seeking a driven person for our in house TRANSACTION COORDINATOR role. This role will ave the responsibility of handling up to 40 deals a month.

Here are The Roles And Responsibilities:

  • Handles processing of all contracts from point of signing through closing
  • Coordinates earnest money deposits, home inspections, and other functions critical to the real estate closing
  • Keeps the entire team updated on the progress of all contracts.
  • Assists with client and vendor communications
  • Delivers fiduciary services to clients from contract to close.
  • Assists with sales & administrative duties
  • Manage all contract paperwork, compliance requirements, and transaction coordination including copying, and updating CRM as needed.
  • Paperwork management may include preparing offers, counters, & addenda.
  • Responsible for reading all contracts, and preliminary title reports understanding and managing all provisions and contractual obligations, and obtaining all trailing paperwork, inspection reports, receipts, and bills for transactions.
  • Coordinator to reach out to clients weekly to ensure all needs are met and call all lenders to ensure files and payoffs are all on track for closing.
  • Ability to work between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm Monday-Friday, schedule can be flexible during those hours- Future ability to work from home a few days a week is also a potential.

Here’s a little background on us:

  • We believe in developing world-class salespeople, investors, and human beings
  • This division accounted for over $50M in sales over the last 12 months and well over 500 million since 2006
  • Our salespeople have the ability to sell some of the most competitive, non-commoditized products/properties in the entire industry that have tremendous commission potential. (Most companies can’t say this, don’t be fooled)
  • Big detailed data is what gives us an unfair competitive advantage in our markets
  • We promote Internally and have tremendous room for advancement in our growing business
  • We protect our culture at all costs. It’s been labeled as inspiring, challenging, competitive, yet extremely fun and drama free
  • Come learn from the best. We are recognized as a top investment company in the Portland Oregon metro Real Estate market and our principal has been doing business in the local area for over 25 years.
  • Technology, systems, and support are world-class and ever-changing
  • We are expanding to the rest of the Oregon and Washington market over the next 6-36 months (plenty of room for growth)

Here Is What the Ideal Candidate would look like:

The focus of this job is on producing high quality, detailed work based on established standards, guidelines and procedures. Precise, consistent work output is essential requiring patience and a willingness to handle and complete many tasks at a time. The job environment is stable, based on known relationships with people and well-defined processes. Job knowledge and competency is built through structured step-by-step training and positive, supportive coaching from management and peers. Communication with others is based on knowledge of repetitive job routines and procedures gained from sufficient on the job experience. Consistent, error free work based on defined regulations and standards are key measures of job performance success. The job environment promotes steady, methodical work output so that job routines can be completed on time and error-free. This position is designed to develop a valued technical expert, who, recognized and supported by management and a stable work environment, can deliver quality work on a consistent basis.

The preferred Candidate may have the following experience:

  • Preferred Title, Escrow, Mortgage or Loan Processing, or Real Estate industry experience is a plus
  • Relevant experience handling Real Estate transactions, mortgage processing, lending and escrow from start to close is a plus
  • Ability to communicate effectively (orally and written)
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to speak fluent English
  • Not afraid to pick up the phone to get things done efficiently
  • Enthusiastic and self-starting approach
  • Ability to multi-task, meet deadlines and be able to handle last minute tasks
  • Willingness to embrace the amazing culture and proven models
  • Be a team player who thrives working with a tight knit team
  • Moves quickly and understands technology’s place in the business
  • Written and oral communication fluency required. Ability to communicate effectively (oral and written)
  • Passionate, enthusiastic and self-starting approach
  • Strong, persistent, problem solving ability
  • Past record of customer service and administrative expertise
  • Commit fully to achieving and exceeding significant daily, weekly and monthly goals
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Extremely strong phone skills
  • Well organized
  • Ability to use or quickly learn the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), CRM, PODIO, Docusign and more
  • Be a team player who thrives working with a tight knit company where their activities directly affect the bottom line
  • You are a role model and project our core values of God, Family, Honesty, Loyalty and Integrity, diversity, inclusion and safety of others.
  • Willing to train the right party if you are a good fit


  • Great Compensation Package! Base salary + commission with substantial growth opportunity
  • Quarterly team bonuses and personal incentives
  • Flexible full-time schedule and a work from home potential a few days a week once up to speed
  • A seriously fun and rewarding job opportunity
  • Learn while you earn-Invest in real estate along side and with the company
  • Get employee only deals on real estate in the Portland metro area

If you have an interest in real estate, whether you are new or currently working in real estate, this could be a great opportunity for you with future advancement opportunity.

 If you believe you have what it takes and stand out from the crowd of other applicants, then we encourage you to apply and we look forward to meeting you in person,  this could be a great opportunity for you.

The first part of the process with us is to complete the following quizzes (there is 2) . It is very quick and will put you ahead of the other applicants if you complete this upfront: 

Here are the 3 steps on how to apply:

  • Step 1- Click and Take Quiz #1:   (Take Quiz Now)
  • Step 2- Click and Take Quiz #2  (this is emailed to you when quiz #1 is completed)
  • Step 3- After you have taken both quizzes-Submit your resume (Submit Resume)   (make sure the subject line reads “World Class Rep Ready For Work” Once we receive your resume we will begin scheduling the interviewing process.

If you are not extremely confident in your abilities, please do not apply.

Only the strongest candidates will make it through our hiring process. These positions are for individuals looking to become world-class Salespeople, team players, and human beings. This is a career, driven by a passion for the industry, not just a “job”.  Our people become family and will have the ability to earn really well and invest in their future with and alongside our company through real estate.

We eat, live, and breathe real estate and expect those who we bring on board with us to do the same.