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My blog post “The Top 3 Mistakes When Trying to Sell Your Home Fast Through a Realtor” gives details on what causes disappointing results for sellers who were hoping to get top dollar through a realtor sale, without putting much preparation into their house.

Why is it that buyers looking at MLS houses sold through realtors, and often working with a realtor themselves, so rarely see the possibilities and make an offer on a house with minimal, if any, marketing preparation? Why don’t they believe they can get a better sale price if they will put a little work into it themselves?

Traditional home-buyers who work through realtors are usually not experienced or comfortable with “fixer-uppers”. They look for move-in ready homes for themselves, and want an attractive house they can proudly show their friends and family. Such buyers are likely to be intimidated by the idea of getting into fix-it projects, and they have other choices that aren’t so demanding.

The kinds of buyers who are most willing to make an offer on houses in poorer condition do so only because they have experience and knowledge such houses. Professional house-flippers understand what they are getting into and have low-cost strategies for fixing it up and putting it back on the market to consumers.

But professionals who value “fixer-uppers” tend to avoid working through realtors because they want to keep their costs lower. Not only could avoiding realtor commissions increase their profits, but the lower buying cost also helps keep a cushion against surprise defects that will cost them more than they planned. They anticipate unanticipated problems, as it were. When the unforeseen problem happens, they may not make as much on the house, but they aren’t as likely to lose money.

For these reasons it isn’t realistic to list a “fixer-upper” with little preparation through a realtor and expect good offers to come in quickly. Traditional home-buyers working through realtors shy away from big projects, and prefer attractive, move-in ready houses. The professional buyers willing to take on such projects often avoid working through realtors to keep their costs down. If you understandably just want a quick, fair offer without having to invest in marketing preparation, going straight to the cash buyer or wholesaler market – especially to PDX Renovations – is your best bet.


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Of the people you know who are not house-flipping professionals, do you think they would be willing to take on a major fix-it project for their next home?

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