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Renters. The good, the bad, the ugly. You just never know what or who you are going to get. No possible report out there will tell you their entire history. Their personalities. Their impatience. Their deep cleaning habits or lack there of.  Their lack of respect for your house: The house you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on and probably a lot of hard work as well.

Let’s face it, the real estate market in the past ten years has taken us all for a ride. Up, down, up, down, like a roller coaster, it’s made millions of Americans nauseous and extremely cautious about what to do in the future. Many people think renting out their house while they contemplate their next move is the best solution.

A few things to think about that go beyond the “normal” credit and background checks.

  • Kids. We love them, most of us have them, a few of them sometimes, but let’s  face it they reap havoc on walls, paint, trim, doors, yards, appliances  etc.
  • Pets.  One in three households owns a cat or a dog. That means one in three  potential renters is going to want to bring Fido or Whiskers into your  home, which even with an “pet deposit” to cover damages there can be scratching, accidents, fur and a lingering odor even after they move out.
  • Your  Sanity: Late night phone calls and texts, emails, tweets about what broke  and what they can’t live without. What needs fixing? NOW! When in reality,  we know as homeowners that the budget just doesn’t always work that way.      Sometimes it takes a month or two to get things repaired or replaced. Renters sometimes don’t understand this.
  • Yardwork:  Most rental agreements call for the  renter to keep up the yard, but really, how many renters really spend time  sprucing up a yard and planting trees, shrubs, etc in a home that they don’t  intend to live in forever. It just doesn’t happen, so yards suffer. Weeds take  over lawns and flower beds, shrubs become unruly.

What’s considered normal wear and tear for an owner occupied home can be quadrupled in a rental just because most renters don’t care enough to treat a rental property with respect.


Before renting and taking on a huge headache, look into all of the alternatives, which can include selling your home for cash, with zero out of pocket expenses, no repairs, we’ll even take care of the garbage!


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