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Vacant Homes for Sale


Do you have a spare house? Let’s say you do and you aren’t sure what you want to do with it. Life keeps moving forward, but you don’t have the cash, time or patience for yet another home What if It’s vacant, taking up your time and energy, but for what? Will you be renting it out or perhaps putting it on the market? Whatever your decision will be, you’ll most definitely be spending some big money in preparations. There are vacant homes for sale more often than you’d think. People just don’t have time for them.

Do you want to rent it? Renters require a certain amount of time, energy and patience and having the house up to a “rental satisfaction” will mean making sure everything is in working order. Selling a house will take even more attention as now you are not only considering the renters, you have to consider your realtor and what they would want you to do to get it into sale shape, the inspection company, who will tell you everything tiny thing that needs fixing and the new buyer who might insist on a new roof or new carpets before they make an offer. There are plenty of things to consider.

Your vacant house can also be subject to vandalism, pest infestation, dry rot, overgrown vegetation etc. Without proper maintenance, even a nice home can become subject to a multitude of problems. Owning a vacant house can be a headache on so many levels.

So now you’ve decided that the vacant home needs to go, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money out of your pocket. So why not consider a cash sale. We buy houses, vacant homes, lots and land with no money out of your pocket. We even take care of the garbage. PDX Renovations LLC has been buying homes in the Portland metro area for over 16 years with a stellar reputation in the community. Fill out our sell fast form at pdxrenovations.com and see what we can do for you today!