Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Jungle Out Back

It’s nearly June, kids are almost done with school and it’s time to get your summer on But your backyard looks like a jungle. What do you do? Where do you start? You didn’t get a head start on the madness until it was too late and now everything is… Read More

The Portland Underground

What you don’t see won’t hurt you, right? Not necessarily when you buy a house in the Portland, Oregon area. For years, we’ve been hearing about asbestos, lead, arsenic in wells, radon in the basement. Leaking oil tanks that are polluting our ground. All of these come in to play… Read More

Divorce. Who Wants the House?

The American dream. A spouse. 2.5 kids, white picket fence with a dog and cat. Two cars in the driveway. Every dream is different, but for many of us, the unexpected shock of divorce is all too common. So now what? After Divorce, who wants the house? You’re stuck with… Read More

1031 Exchanges

Have you been made aware of the possible Changes in 1031 Exchanges?   Reform discussions are underway and one of the big ticket items being talked about are 1031 Exchanges. If you are not familiar with these, Section 1031 of the Federal Tax code allows a seller to reinvest proceeds… Read More