Monthly Archives: April 2016

How Cash House Buying Works

How Cash House Buying works   We get a lot of calls asking us, “So, how does this work?” What is a cash house buyer?  Simple. I’ll explain here shortly, but first, just know that Cash House buying is on the rise, but not all Cash House Buyers are the… Read More

Death and Taxes!

Death and Taxes! Death touches all at one time or another and the older we get, the more it seems to touch our lives. Loved ones growing older and passing on is just a part of life and it’s usually unexpected. What’s even more unexpected is how completely unprepared we… Read More

Taming the Backyard Jungle!

Taming the Backyard Jungle!   It’s nearly May, kids are almost done with school and it’s time to get your summer on But your backyard looks like a jungle. What do you do? Where do you start? You didn’t get a head start on the madness until it was too… Read More