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sell house portland oregon

Are you thinking about putting up a house for sale in Portland?

It can be a challenging proposition at the best of times and that’s what bothers sellers. There is nothing worse than having your house for sale and not getting someone to bite. – sell house portland oregon

To avoid dealing with this hassle, why not go with a top-tier house buying company such as ours at PDX Renovations?

We have been doing this for generations and recognize what it takes to deliver results to Portland sellers.


It starts by knowing you are reaching out to a committed team of professionals.

We have been doing this for a long time and know what the Portland real estate market is all about.

Take the time to tap into our experience and learn more about your property and what the right offer should be.

We are going to make an offer that’s perfect and it starts by analyzing the market in detail.

We pour our heart and soul into the process without wasting your time.

Great Deals

If you want to quickly sell house Portland Oregon has to offer then it is time to reach out to our team.

We always take the time to make a great deal and that’s the bare minimum in our eyes.

We want to listen to your vision, take a look at the property, and make a deal that’s worthwhile for both parties.

This is the charm of going with a company that isn’t looking to waste your time and doesn’t want to ignore your requests.

We will take everything into account and make an all-cash deal that comes with no strings attached.

Personalized Closing Date

Want to get the closing date set for a specific day? Do you want it to match with your move-in date?

This happens all the time and we are more than happy to go over the logistics right away.

We will have a professional piece this information together and that’s what’s going to make life easier for you.

If you wish to quickly sell house Portland Oregon has to offer then we are the ultimate house buying company in town.

We are going to personalize each aspect of the deal and make it a breeze for you to manage.

Experienced Team

Whether it is managing the paperwork, analyzing the property, or completing the transaction, we have experts ready to assist every step of the way.

This attention to detail and experience is something you can expect from day one.

We are not going to skip on these details and that’s what allows us to stand out at PDX Renovations.

We are the best for a reason and it starts with our experience.

We have years of knowledge and continue to move forward with a proven track record.

To get started with our team at PDX Renovations, please feel free to reach out to our team at (503) 560-6620.

We will be more than happy to set up a meeting and look over the property before making a respectable offer.

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