Monthly Archives: January 2014

Turn Your Equity Into Cash Now!

Owning real estate with little or no mortgages or liens sounds great!  Except that a house is an ongoing drain on your finances, for maintenance, repairs, taxes and insurance. If you shirk the upkeep to save money, it is disheartening how fast your house will lose value and show the… Read More

Equity is Worthless When You’re Tax Poor

When you have an IRS lien, property tax lien and other past-due taxes owing, continuing to build equity in your house as you make your mortgage payments won’t help your overall financial picture. I am not saying to stop paying your mortgage! I am saying that a quick cash sale… Read More

What to Tell a Cash Buyer About Your House

So you’ve decided that before pouring money into repairs and upgrades to help your house sell on the standard home-buyer market, you are going to approach some cash buyers and see what kind of offers come in. What should you be prepared to tell a cash buyer in your first… Read More

Should You Sell Your (Inherited) Estate House As-Is?

An “estate house” is one listed for sale by the estate of a deceased person. For the purposes of this blog post – and for your information if you are watching real estate listings – don’t confuse the term “estate for sale”, meaning landed property (like the Biltmore Estate), with… Read More

4 Mistakes Owners Make When Preparing a House For Sale

Anyone who has sold a house in the past knows only too well that major expenses can be in order to make the house marketable, and/or to get a buyer to close on their offer. The house seems fine to the family that has lived there for years – but… Read More