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My recent blog post “Top 10 Reasons to Sell Your Home Without a Realtor” gives a tongue-in-cheek rundown of the practical inconveniences you can avoid by not taking the traditional route of marketing a move-in-ready home through a realtor – everything from confining rebellious pets to keeping your cupboards neat and tidy to removing your extra furniture.

Here are 4 compelling financial reasons selling your home to a cash buyer beats going through a realtor:

  • No commissions – You can lower the price and increase your takeaway at the same time.  The standard 6% realtor commission on a $200,000 home is $12,000 – what buyer wouldn’t be thrilled to split that with you!
  • No repairs, updating or upgrading – The house has been fine for you and your family for years, but the home-buyers working with realtors have something fresher in mind. When listing through a realtor you can lay out gobs of cash and take the time to do the work, or you can have the realtor list it as-is and risk having no offers, or dealing with offers wanting price concessions.
  • No complicated realtor offers asking for price concessions – What you don’t update or fix, the buyer’s realtor and inspector will spot. Negotiating an offer, perhaps more than one, with various requests for discounts to upgrade the carpet, re-paint, replace the hot water heater and so on can be confusing and frustrating.
  • Time is money – How long before you will get an offer you can live with? When can you make an offer on your next house? While your house sits on the market, rising or falling prices affect the affordability of both this home and your next one. Interest rate changes can have major effect on your strategy.

Cash and time are two of the most important reasons for selling your house fast to a cash buyer, as-is, and avoiding a long journey through the traditional realtor sales channel. Realtors have their place, but you do have alternatives that may work far better to sell your current house and move on to the next one.


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Would you rather sell for cash without investing your own money into preparing your house for marketing, or would you prefer to do the work and sell it through a realtor?

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