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Trusting realtors

Trusting Realtors, find a good one

Finding a good realtor is just as important as finding a family physician or dentist. It’s a relationship of trust, commitment and longevity. Even if you only “plan” on using a realtor once, building that relationship can benefit you down the line, not only for you, but for your loved… Read More

Selling Rentals?

We all have dreams. Dreams of freedom from debt, our jobs, even the kids flying from the nest. What if you got to reach your dreams quicker. By selling your troublesome “rental property” you can benefit highly and get some freedom a little sooner. Selling rentals? We can help. Renters… Read More

The Ugly Truth About Renters…Rental Property headaches.

Renters. The good, the bad, the ugly. You just never know what or who you are going to get. No possible report out there will tell you their entire history. Their personalities. Their impatience. Their deep cleaning habits or lack there of.  Their lack of respect for your house: The… Read More

Best Yard on the Block!

Great landscaping goes way beyond curb appeal. In last’s week’s blog, we touched in the importance of curb appeal. This week we’ll give you some tips on the best bang for your buck in regards to landscaping so you can have the best yard on the block. For instance, Grass…. Read More

How’s your curb appeal?

The term “curb appeal” has been part of the real estate lexicon for ages, perhaps to the point that it may be dismissed to a certain extent. However, there is little disputing that curb appeal has a vital application in the real world. Briefly defined, curb appeal encompasses the aesthetic… Read More