Monthly Archives: January 2015

Location, location, location

When you speak to anyone about real estate, Location always comes into the conversation. It’s somewhat a punch-line of sorts when speaking to realtors, but it’s a valid point. Location ~ Isn’t that why you chose the house you eventually bought. Whether it’s for the right school district, distance from… Read More

Top Five Stressors in Life

The top five stressors in life. According to health experts these five things typically cause the most stress. 1. Death of a loved one 2. Divorce 3. Moving 4. Major Illness 5. Job loss Number Three. Moving: We’ve all been there. Whether it’s moving from your parents house into your… Read More


Are Looking for equity in all the wrong places? You bought your dream house thinking this would be your greatest adventure and investment, right? Most people do. It’s the American dream and much like other American dreams, it’s not a given anymore. The economy is still shaky, good jobs are… Read More

Overwhelmed w/ household chores?

Welcome to 2015. It’s a new year with a new clean slate so why not start it off right. Do you ever get overwhelmed w/ household chores. We’re not talking vacuuming, dusting and mopping, but the other chores, the ones you put on your list for later or think…”I’ll get… Read More